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Who Are We?

Lowcountry Medical Practice Management is an healthcare management company that provides staffing, education, training, and innovative business management solutions to healthcare practices and facilities.


Why we exist? 

This company was birthed in response to one of the major issues seen in the healthcare industry, which is finding and maintaining a CONSISTENT and quality healthcare support team. Our services help to alleviate the day to day pressures and anxieties that come with this phenomenon by introducing alternative solutions that will allow healthcare practitioners to focus solely on quality of care; leaving the tedious responsibility of management and workflow in our hands. 

Our mission is to...

  • Help healthcare entities optimize clinical and financial workflow. 

  • Help alleviate the pressures and anxieties that come with staffing and new hire training.

  • Improve patient care through the development of healthcare professionals

  • Help cultivate revenue and profitability

  • Provide affordable, quality solutions and excellent customer service to all who come to us, regardless of business size, type, or revenue.

What we do to service our clients? 

Through a host of products and services designed by LMPM, we create a customize practice management plan tailored to meet the needs of your company and improve overall outcomes. 

How we get it done? 

LMPM is built on a methodology of four defining principles and we have created a formula for success that demonstrates a model for both the physicians and healthcare staff to follow; Superior Service + Compassion + Documentation = Excellence. The reciprocation of this formula across all lines allows medical practices to cultivate an optimal therapeutic environment for the patients to heal, employees to work, and medical practices to grow.

Meet the Owner

Hello, My name is April Baxter Simmons and I have served in the healthcare field for over 14 years and began my journey working as a patient account representative. What started out as just a job to help me gain financial independence, turned into something I fell in love with. My career  began with helping patients solve problems, supporting my practice physicians and eventually moving in to the role of office manager. Later in my career, my passion for healthcare management was coupled with my passion for education and training, allowing me to marry the two careers in a perfect union.  As a result, I worked as an educator and Dean of Academics at a private college in Charleston, SC, having trained over 100 healthcare professionals in the field of Medical Billing and Coding and graduating over 600 students in Allied Healthcare Studies. My unique career experience has allowed me the opportunity to network and meet many elite professionals in the healthcare industry. Furthermore, my experience has gained me insight into some of the issues in healthcare management as it relates to the proper training and experience needed in order to operate as a healthcare worker.  What I have learned is that the value of continuous training and development in healthcare workers has many benefits from retention of staff to the improvement of patient quality of care. As an advocate of both and everything in between, my job is simply to help medical practices educate the worker and develop the manager, maintain compliance, and build sustainable results that will make your company a success! 

                                                                                                    - I look forward to working with you soon!   April R.B.S.

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